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About Our Classes

Tom and Amy are professional tango teachers and organizers. Tom has been teaching since 1996 in Denver and has been invited to teach in numerous US and International tango cities. Amy has been teaching or studying how to teach for the past 17 years. Subjects included Life Sciences, Art, Meditation, Reiki, Argentine Tango since 2008, and is adding Creative Dance for All Ages the Fall of 2015. We have been teaching in Fort Collins since the fall of 2011.

Our classes are designed for people ready to learn Argentine Tango in a progressive, serious program. We encourage people to stay through the whole series rather than drop-in and out.

We offer a clear and structured approach to help men succeed with the complexities of tango. Women learn techniques for graceful and beautiful movement that enable adaptation to different styles.

Beginners not only learn fundamental movements of tango, such as walking, musicality, connection, and navigation, but are also schooled in the codes of the social dance floor and enlightened about the culture of Argentine Tango.

More About Our Classes

Tom has turned most group tango lessons over to Amy. He offers private lessons in Fort Collins and schedules occasional workshops

Amy teaches Tango classes on Thursday nights in Ft Collins classes at the Iyengar Yoga Center of Ft Collins, 210 E Oak St, Ft Collins, CO, 80524.